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A long time into the future, in a galaxy not very far from ours…

It’s the year 2222. All sorts of different races and species overpopulate the universe. There’s only one thing that unites them all: their passion for Spaceball, the futuristic sports game.

Spaceball takes its name from the perfectly rounded planet where the sport became popular for the first time many years ago. A planet that we might describe as the Las Vegas of the future.

Its surface is covered by dozens of stadiums of the different leagues, where an endless number of games are played every week.

Welcome to Spaceball!!


  • Free starter team
  • F2P with IAP
  • Turn based multiplayer game
  • Online and local pass & play game modes
  • Impresive 3D visuals


An Original Game Idea by Jorge Iglesias & Jaime Íscar


Studio Manager
David Suárez  

Game Designer / Product Manager
Miguel López

Game Programmers
Chema Vílchez
Miguel Ángel Márquez
José de la Iglesia

Concept Artist / Illustrator
Mike Domínguez

3D Artist / UI Designer
Ángel Blanco

3D Animators
Paula Porta
Mario Alcañiz

Quality assurance
Oscar Martínez
Jaime Sainz


CEO & CMO / Executive Producer
Jorge Iglesias

CFO / Co-Executive Producer
Nicola Cencherle

Josep Almer

Online Programmers
Fede Prado
Emilio Bourdelande

Web services  Programmer
Álex Belencoso

Concept Artist / Illustrator
Javier García

Music & Sound
Fede Pájaro (THE LOBBY)

Technical Advisor
Francisco García

Web Designer
Javier Montero

U.S. Agent
Ian Keldoulis

PublisherHey Ho Games
Release date Mar 16, 2017
AuthorMiguel López
GenreStrategy, Card Game, Sports
TagsSci-fi, Turn-based Strategy, Versus
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish; Castilian
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer, Server-based networked multiplayer
Player count1 - 2
LinksTwitter, Homepage

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