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Themed on the day of the dead comes this fusion of idle games, clicker games and money games: from rags to riches in the land of the dead! 💰💎💵💀👍

Join the fun of the best money business adventure! 💸❤️ Tap and tap like a tycoon clicker to be Magnate in the land of the dead! Open your restaurant chain in the Underworld to become an undead billionaire capitalist.

The best of all idle clicker games! 😱

Enjoy this tycoon simulator! Level up from a novice investor to a money tycoon in the idle game! 💵📈 Build your food business Inc. and earn money selling tacos, burritos, pizza and all kind of food and drinks.

The richest food tycoon! 😎

As a tycoon clicker you must attend your business and collect the profits pressing tap. Earn cash visiting your Inc. or make it idle. Level up to get abilities to auto collect bucks: be millionaire and billionaire automatically! 😍💲 Make money faster buying recipes to boost your earnings, or hiring employees; this is the key to becoming a food tycoon!

💰 Enjoy this idle clicker game and become a Mogul! 💰

Expand your Inc. more and more like a money capitalist. The rules are simple: be a money tycoon, hire workers, manage companies and earnings... and you will become the Baron of the Underworld!


👍 Clicker Games, Idle Game & Tycoon money games styles
- Tycoon clicker: Tap or click to make money, upgrade your Inc. and earn cash… Click again! This is a nonstop grinding game.
- Touch an alebrije to farm extra rewards, gems and obtain a windfall.
- Improve your Business Inc. to auto collect money and increase profits.
- Collect money when you return from being away like in the best idle games!

‍💼 Magnate of companies & workers
Do you want to see a money rain down? Buy and manage the family food business to be the food tycoon! Hire workers to multiply your restaurant chain profits. Be an investor mogul!

👆 Tap Events: Join the tap fever of this clicker game! Click as fast as you can to make money, gems and become a money tycoon: from rags to riches in the afterlife.

🏆 Daily missions & achievements
A food tycoon must achieve the money business goals of the restaurant chain: complete new quests every day! Open your stands, barbecue and canteen to sell tacos, burritos, nachos, bread, corn, chili, soup, fish, soda, and all kinds of delicious food and drinks.

🥇 Franchise Ranking
Reach the top of players with more franchises. Improve your position to see your name on the world ranking board.

😍 Play offline or online while you make the money rain in idle games!

🎺 Enjoy mariachis, drums, alebrijes and other features of Mexican Folklore while you grow up as a money capitalist in this idle tycoon simulator.

Become a millionaire, billionaire, trillionaire! The path of the VIP tycoons awaits you: fame and fortune!

Are you ready to demonstrate your skills as CEO and business leader? Are you ready to be the Baron of the land of the dead?

Play NOW the best tycoon money game, from rags to riches in the afterlife! The tycoon clicker career begins NOW!

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