A new spring, a new quest. Every year you must to collect the nectar from the flowers and feed your colony.

Also, you pollinize the fields and new flowers will grow every year!!! Symbiosis is a great win-win!

It sounds easy, isn't it?

NO! Pollution kill flowers every year, and you must to survive to wasps! Every year is more dangerous, and the hive depends on you.

How many springs can you survive before the world ends?

DISCLAIMER: This game is not fair at all. You are just a bee (or a couple of them, hive-mind, bro :P). You have no control over pollution, climate change any invading species. You're being exterminated. If you die, flowers won't be pollinized; and no flowers, no life. Just survive as many springs as you can. Then, when the last of you die, a lot of things will change. That's the sad true. Everything else is funny. Enjoy!


  • Flappy bird like game with some kind of meta
  • Really challenging game
  • 3 different enemies!
  • Respect the bees!
  • ... but hate the wasps ¬¬
  • And do not forget to reduce, reutilize and recycle!


  • Music theme: Flight of the Bumblebee
    by Nikolái Rimski-Kórsakov (piano version by Sergei Rachmaninoff)
  • Font: Bumblebee by Edhi Sarwo
  • Icons from game-icons.net (flower, nectar and arrow)
  • Sounds from several free and licensed sources
  • DOTWeen PRO
  • More Effective Coroutines PRO
  • Shapes
  • Procedural UI Images
  • Text Animator


v 1.1

  • Bug fixed: sometimes you cannot collect nectar from flowers
  • You start with more flowers and nectar

v 1.0

  • Original game jam version


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